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Street Fruit

Street Fruit is Hans Dobbratz, Philipp Minnig, Tiffanie Lanmon and Cyrus Gengras.

Beneath the Screen

Debut album from Los Angeles punk band STREET FRUIT

The hallmarks of a specific and hermetic universe that any compelling and enduring band manages to both chart and inhabit quickly revealed themselves when, in 2019, long-time comrades Philipp Minnig and Hans Dobbratz began writing together again. Veterans of nineties agit-blues outfit Dura-Delinquent, the two recognized easily the rare potential they’d been offered when Tiffanie Lanmon and Cyrus Gengras joined in. With something like telepathy, the four began cultivating a scrambled grammar as legible at a backyard punk show as it would be in stadium setting. Unwieldy, humorous, sexy and ruthless, the Street Fruit landscape is rigged with trap doors that drop the bottom out of rock n roll; aerial views of rant-punk that leave just enough out; and alleys emptying into sunburnt funky boardwalk boombox jams with cardboard laid out for passersby tempted to dance.

All this can be accounted for on Beneath the Screen, recorded in late 2020 at Los Angeles’s Kingsize Soundlabs with engineer and kindred spirit Jimmy Dixon helping to hew the album into a solid eight-song debut. The band is currently cutting its teeth on stages around southern California offering up an unprecious and engaging performance with the edges left uncut. With plans to record a follow-up album in Spring 2023 and dreams of opening slots swirling in the air, the future is tasting ripe.